• How does it work?
    Complete our brief online form for an appointment
    Meet our relationship facilitator to discuss your preferences
    Sign up to benefit from our membership with no expiry date
    Be yourself and enjoy the curated experience
    Have a chat with us post event or date
  • How are your services affordable?

    Unlike other dating service providers that charge thousands of dollars in the form of packages before you could use any of their dating services, Table For Two charges on a per date/event basis. Therefore, you’d only pay for what you need.

  • How do you address refunds?

    We have established a dynamic refund matrix to address various unforeseen circumstances that could happen.  Contact our Relationship Facilitators to discuss how this could assist you with your specific situation.

  • How do I get a better experience out of these events/dates?

    It’s equally important for us to know that you’re ready to have a good time at an event/date and how you went after. Should you feel you’d benefit from some tips on how to better prepare for an occasion, make use of our affordable pre-date workshops and coaching service. We’ll check in with you post event/date and you are more than welcome to give us your feedback as well. Your feedback is important to ensure that we continue to provide the best service to you.

  • Why do I have to be a member?

    We offer memberships without expiry dates that gives you access to our other services. Being a member means that everyone would have gone through the same vetting process before being accepted as a bona fide member into our community. This sets up a safe environment in which you can focus on meeting new people, relax when you go on a date, knowing that the person you’re with is someone like you – genuine and open to the possibilities of making new friends and potentially meeting your special someone.

  • How do you select and match your members?

    In addition to the standard information of weight, height, age, ethnicity, work, we’d like to know what makes you tick as a person as these are cornerstones that’d fit together to create a strong foundation in any relationship.  And using these parameters to form a community of like minded individuals who are committed to invest in their personal lives, and ultimately, to celebrate successful matches.

    You will receive good news about the selected singles who are matched to you in approximately 4-8 weeks.

  • Do I have the flexibility to switch between services?

    We understand that your needs and circumstances could change. Therefore, our members are entitled to a one-time switch between our services. Simply top up the difference in price between the two services and you are ready to enjoy the one that best suits your needs.

  • I’m now in a committed relationship. What happens to my membership?

    There is no expiry date on your membership AND there is the flexibility to switch between our services. You may now choose to use our Reconnect With Your Partner service to keep the spark going with your new partner or participate in one of our interest based Round Table activities. We’re here for you at any stage of your dating or relationship journey. Nonetheless, as life can be unpredictable, you can request to put your membership on hold for a limited time.