Dating for Animal Lovers

Keen to meet other cat-lovers, dog-lovers, or simply people who share your warmth for animals?

As animal lovers ourselves, we know how animals can bring people closer together. A love for animals isn’t just an interest or an attitude. It’s also a way of relating to the world.



Our ethos


Through our unique ‘social first’ experiences, Table For Two sets up mindful exchanges in our like-minded community of animal lovers.

We believe this shared perspective can lend depth and authenticity to every connection, whether you’re looking for a special someone with a perfectly furry plus-one or a new playdate for your pet.


Share your love for animals with like-minded people.

Compatibility goes beyond sharing the same perspectives in life, though we believe this is crucial to forming an enduring connection. 

In curating an experience for you, we consider essential aspects of compatibility, like age, core values, the type of characteristics you’re drawn to, and even the types of animals you love. 

We understand how each person’s love for animals is unique and personal, and we welcome preferences of all stripes and furs. It’s what makes you, you.


Dating experiences for animal lovers.

Sharing personal stories at a pet café. Spending calm evenings over yoga, surrounded by cats. Break the ice with our experiences designed specially for animal lovers.

Every Table For Two experience is thoughtfully curated around your shared interests, which includes your love for animals.

We aim to connect you with someone who’s not just an animal lover, but who’s also a like-minded person you can form a meaningful relationship with.


Tune into our insider tips for animal lovers dating other animal lovers.


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